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November 22, 2004


and wuv, twue wuv...

Yup, nobody does it better than Massachusetts. Makes me feel sad for the rest. Lowest divorce rate in the country. (Aside: Did you know there was a "Divorce Magazine"? Me neither.)

Let's be proud of this, since while it may be partly coincidental, it may also be related to certain factors like education level and marriage age, which are related to our state's relative liberalism. In other words, maybe marriages are more likely to be permanent in a culture where people are expected to be fully developed adults before they make a huge life decision. I hope this is the case.

We got your family values right here, pal.

(Further aside: Why not extend that low divorce rate to our gay and lesbian neighbors in the Bay State? Do children in gay and lesbian families deserve less protection than those of straight families?)

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November 20, 2004

I say, make him Chairman!

So our illustrious Gov. has been named vice-chairman of the Republican Governor's Association.  And the Dems are criticizing the appointment, saying that it will cause him to be out of state even more than in the past.

Excuse me, but how is that a bad thing?  The less he's around, the less trouble he can cause, and the more he looks like someone who is truly not interested in Massachusetts.  Which in turn makes it harder for him to credibly seek reelection in 2006.  So criticize if you must, but realize that he may be doing his opponents a big favor here.

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November 19, 2004

That ain't natural

Well, old Mitt seems to be upset that the Cape Wind project will spoil the view, regardless of how much pollution (and associated cost) it would prevent. Let's remind ourselves the the Cape has the worst air in the state.

Chathamlight1You know, I think we should get rid of all ugly, man-made impediments to a nice view on the Cape. Jeebus, you can't see anything anymore, especially not after being blinded by these phallic menaces. </sarcasm>

In all seriousness, I have some cousins on the Cape, who led a trip to Denmark to look at their wind farms. You can see what the farms look like, and I just don't think the aesthetic side is that big a deal. They're even kind of beautiful.

By the way, here's the beautiful view that the lucky duckies of Salem have. We can have more of that, or these, or alternatively, more of these.

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November 18, 2004

Bush Commutes Death Sentence

Turkey WASHINGTON - In a surprising turn of events, President Bush rejected the advice of outgoing White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales and commuted the death sentence of the turkey known as "Biscuits."  The President commented that had Biscuits been a human, of course the death sentence would have been appropriate. 

Ha ha, of course we are in jest.  You can read the truly stomach-turning transcript of the annual turkey ceremony here.

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The Kiss

Condi1 George and Condi sitting in a tree ....

OK, it's juvenile.  But admit it - you chuckled.

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Specter gets a nod from the right

Peggy Noonan, a reliable right-winger, opines here (WSJ) that Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) should be chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee after all.  It also appears from the Washington Times that the Republican leadership has agreed not to block him.  Apparently Specter's repeated promises not to actually act on whatever principles he may hold have started having the desired effect.

Kind of sad, but it's really par for the course for Specter.  Ever since his famous anti-Bork vote, he has talked a good game about being a "moderate," and "pro-choice," but when the chips were down, he has reliably voted party line. 

UPDATE: the NYT reports here that Specter will almost certainly be named chairman in January.

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