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November 19, 2004

That ain't natural

Well, old Mitt seems to be upset that the Cape Wind project will spoil the view, regardless of how much pollution (and associated cost) it would prevent. Let's remind ourselves the the Cape has the worst air in the state.

Chathamlight1You know, I think we should get rid of all ugly, man-made impediments to a nice view on the Cape. Jeebus, you can't see anything anymore, especially not after being blinded by these phallic menaces. </sarcasm>

In all seriousness, I have some cousins on the Cape, who led a trip to Denmark to look at their wind farms. You can see what the farms look like, and I just don't think the aesthetic side is that big a deal. They're even kind of beautiful.

By the way, here's the beautiful view that the lucky duckies of Salem have. We can have more of that, or these, or alternatively, more of these.

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