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February 21, 2005

Romney Stumps in Missouri

Underlining the thesis that he is more interested in campaigning for the White House than being Governor of the Commonwealth, Willard found time Saturday to deliver the keynote address for, of all things, the Missouri state Republican party's annual Lincoln Day celebrations. At a press conference that accompanied the event Romney said, "Medicaid is the Pac-Man of our country," eating up state budgets everywhere, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Romney explained, however, that blue Massachusetts does not have as difficult a time with Medicaid because only seven percent of the population here lacks medical insurance compared with about 20 percent in red Missouri, according to the newspaper.

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"Medicaid is the Pac-Man of our country," eating up state budgets everywhere

Mmm. Terrible - using tax dollars so that poor people can have health care.

Also, MA would be having a much more "difficult" time with Medicaid if it weren't for a federal waiver that results in the feds picking up over half a billion dollars through some creative accounting techniques. Romney and Ted Kennedy went to bat to renew the waiver late last year and were successful. Romney has also said that he intends to add over 100,000 Mass. residents to Medicaid.

So really, where is His Excellency on this? To listen to him, Medicaid is bad, yet it's good. It's the "Pac-Man of our country," yet he wants to bend the rules to get the feds to pick up more of the tab. It costs states too much, yet he wants to add 100,000 people to it. One health care advocate opined about Romney's Medicaid pronouncements: "It looks like they're saying one thing and doing another." Indeed. Time to 'fess up, Willard: health care costs money. I think it's great that you've expressed interest in covering all uninsured Mass. residents. But you've got to be honest about how much that's going to cost.

Posted by: David | Feb 21, 2005 2:07:09 PM

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