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December 07, 2004

Things that make you say "hmm..."

The LA Times reports on the increasing prevalence of adult "superstores" in rural America, primarily near off-ramps of interstate highways (hat tip to How Appealing).

The story reminds me of the time I spent driving around rural Missouri a couple of years ago, largely on Interstate 44.  Three types of establishments seemed to dominate the landscape: churches, antique stores, and porn shops.

That has always struck me as an odd trio.  Anyone have a theory?

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There's no paucity of porn shops in urban centers. Porn shops locate near Interstate off ramps for obvious reasons. One might assume that most rural Americans eat at fast food places since those are what we see when we travel that thin strip of interstate through the country. Also, antique shops cater mostly to travelers. Might porn shops as well? I would guess that, per capita, rural folks are no more or less consumers of dildos, vibrators and girlie mags than we city slickers.

Posted by: Roy Sansom | Dec 8, 2004 9:30:52 AM

Very true... I live in Missouri and there has been an explosion of porn shops along i-44 in the last few years. Strangely they are located in the most rural and conservative parts of the state.

Posted by: Ryan | Jul 16, 2005 11:57:27 AM

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