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February 16, 2005

Special Elections and the Post-Finneran Era

Must-read post by Frederick Clarkson on the special primary elections coming up on March 15. (The general is April 12.) The most interesting are the 18th Suffolk district (Allston-Brookline-Brighton), being vacated by Finneran-zombie Brian Golden, and Finneran's own district, which may well be filled by one of three Haitian-American candidates.

Clarkson says the front-runner in the 18th Suffolk is Tim Schofield: Gulf War vet, attorney in private practice. He would seem to have the best combination of résumé and political profile for this district, but would have to run against at least two other fairly progressive folks in the primary: Michael Moran (who needs to develop his website a little better; the "Views" page is empty), and Joe Walsh (no, not the Eagles guy), a 26-year-old who works for St. Elizabeth's. The other candidate, Greg Glennon, used to work for Golden: he's straight out of consideration for most readers of this blog, I would think. The other candidate worth mentioning is Tom O'Brien, who is running as an independent, and will only be on the ballot for the general election on April 12.

All in all, a pretty decent field.


(info from Schofield's website): There will be a candidate's debate for the 18th Suffolk district tomorrow night, February 17, 2005 at 7:30 PM. Brookline Town Hall, Selectmen's Room, 6th Floor, 333 Washington Street, Brookline. For more information, contact Cindy Rowe, Brookline Democratic Town Committee Chair, at 617-277-6282.

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