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March 11, 2005

Gov race roundup

Lots to read over the last couple of days for those interested in the 2006 Governor's race.  Here are some links:

The Globe reports new scary poll numbers for Mitt Romney (see also the recent State House News Service poll, discussed here).  Some highlights: Reilly beats Romney 48%-41% in a horserace, and only 32% say Romney should be reelected while 50% favor someone else.

On the Globe's op-ed page, Scot Lehigh argues that Romney's recent out-of-state posturing combined with his thin record of achievement at home has undermined his reelection prospects here and his presidential prospects, as well as his ability to actually accomplish anything in the remainder of his term as Governor.

The Herald reports that Romney is trying to drag likely Gov candidate and current Attorney General Tom Reilly into the mini-flap over several state reps who failed to file their taxes on time.  This, of course, is pure political posturing - the Department of Revenue routinely handles these matters administratively.

And yesterday's Northwest section of the Globe had this article on local Dems' early impressions of likely Gov candidates Tom Reilly, Bill Galvin, and Deval Patrick.  No real news here, but some interesting comments.

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