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March 14, 2005

Howie Carr gives you another reason to vote for Tim Schofield

First, read this revolting column by Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr.

Next, get really pissed that crap like that gets published in a major newspaper.

And then realize that Howie has just given you yet another good reason to go out and work to help Tim Schofield win tomorrow's special election to fill the 18th Suffolk seat: you can make Howie Carr's worst nightmare come true.

Schofield's campaign HQ's number is 617-232-0043.  They're located at 1686 Comm. Ave. in Brighton, across from the Sutherland Road stop on the Green Line's "B" (Boston College) train.  Their website is here.  They're waiting to hear from you.

UPDATE: Also see Fred Clarkson's blog for the latest on a last-minute anti-gay effort in the Suffolk 12th race.  These people have no shame.

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