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March 14, 2005

Volunteers needed for Election Day, tomorrow

We've had some great discussions here about the 18th Suffolk district, engaged in some fun navel-gazing about the role of blogging in local politics (yes, I do love that), etc. etc.

Now's the chance to talk to folks that actually matter. Democracy for MA (formerly Dean for MA) is coordinating folks for Get-Out-The-Vote operations for State Rep candidates Tim Schofield (here's his website), Linda Dorcena Forry (in Finneran's old district), and Rhonda Serre (State Rep, 3rd Berkshire -- Pittsfield). (For the record, we have only "officially" endorsed Schofield.)

Each of these candidates needs volunteers at any point on election day. The ground game is going to win these races. The progressive reformists are on a roll in MA, but that didn't happen by accident. If we have some time tomorrow, let's put a little shoe leather into making our state better.

Call Schofield's office at 617-232-0043, or help out other good candidates, and help get some folks to the polls.

By the way, see the Globe's article about all of these races.

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