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March 16, 2005

Yesterday was a very good day.

Frederick Clarkson has a nice full run-down of yesterday's results around the state. Here's an even quicker-and-dirtier summation:

  • Mike Moran edges out Tim Schofield and Greg Glennon for the 18th Suffolk nod. Incredibly close race. Progressive pickup. (Just scroll down and read the comment thread from yesterday, and you'll get a good sense of what happened -- frankly better than the Globe.)
  • Linda Dorcena Forry takes over Tom Finneran's old district. Progressive pickup.
  • Christopher Speranzo wins the nomination in Berkshire, who will likely take over for Rep. Peter Larkin. Progressive pickup.

Is there any question that Massachusetts is trending not only bluer, but more compassionate, cleaner, more reformist? Along with David, I got involved in the Kerry campaign last year because I was sick of hearing bad news streaming from my radio every damn day. Today is a good news day. Let's enjoy it.

I'm definitely disappointed that Schofield couldn't pull it out. But as I said when we first started covering this race, it was a good field, and Moran seems to be a decent, progressive guy.

And lest we imagine that Tim's effort was in vain, read this from Clarkson's post:

[Cathleen] Cavell [a leader of Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts, the new incarnation of the old Bob Reich organization] believes that Schofield's decision to stake out a strong, progressive candidacy was a very shrewd as well as principled position for him to take" in a district that has been historically progressive, the recent elections of Brian Golden not withstanding. PDM and Schofield, she believes, "pushed the whole drift of the election to the left. We had a candidate who we encouraged to run as a true progressive, and every week he grew in his eloquence as a spokesperson for what it means to be a progressive Democrat."

Exactly. Tim Schofield raised the bar for all the candidates in this primary. Thanks, Tim.

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