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April 29, 2005

Quote of the day

I just love this.  From Jim Bouton (ex-Yankee pitcher and now author) on whether a gay baseball player would be accepted by his fans and teammates:

I would say that the better a player you are, the more gay you would be allowed to be.

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Read Ball Four if you love baseball.
Read Ball Four if you love comedy.
Read Ball Four if you revel at the idea of a smart, witty, cynical guy observing a bunch of dumb jocks.

Read Jim Bouton's Ball Four. It's by far the funniest "real life" book I've ever read.

Posted by: stomv | Apr 29, 2005 10:44:19 AM

Okay, that's funny.

Posted by: firedoglake | Apr 29, 2005 6:36:11 PM

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