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May 09, 2005

Ed Markey goes Hollywood

... apparently to make a horror movie. Here's some of his new missive from the new celebrity polyblog Huffington Post:

I wonder how many North Korean nuclear weapons we will have to discover in order for this Administration to conclude we can no longer continue to preach nuclear temperance from a barstool. The Bush approach to non-proliferation has become a dangerous policy pretzel: demand UN inspections, ridicule UN inspections, invade the countries with no weapons, and demand that others forswear nukes while we build a new generation of new nukes. Meanwhile, today the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced its estimates that North Korea has close to six nuclear weapons.

Yup, that's some good work BushCo is doing to keep us all from getting incinerated by delusional Stalinists. Thanks, guys.

Need more scary stuff to wake you up at 4am? Another homeboy, KSG's Graham Allison. (Just read the titles of the stuff he writes. Ack.) This is from Foreign Affairs, now more than a year old. You think anything's changed much since then?

Although it has made progress on some fronts, Washington has failed to take scores of specific actions that would measurably reduce the risk to the country. Unless it changes course -- and fast -- a nuclear terrorist attack on the United States will be more likely than not in the decade ahead.

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