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May 29, 2005

Rep. Lynch is thinking about it ...

The Globe reports that US Rep. Stephen Lynch is kinda sorta thinking about running for Governor, maybe.

Lynch would be the most conservative Dem in the field.  I can respectfully disagree with his anti-choice views, but his vote in favor of the Terri Schiavo bill pretty much rules him out for me.  Anyone who thought the federal government belonged in that situation has a very different understanding of the role of government than I do.

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It is clear from the interview that Lynch is not running, rather he let his brain wander.
What is Capuano waiting for. He can't jerk electorate around a second time without seriously hurting credibility. That is why I think he is running. He wouldn't have raised the issue a second time unless he was sure he was jumping in.
Lynch is not my cup of tea.
But I would like to see a Democratic candidate who has a record that you can't label. A record that shows conviction yet not overly zealous. A record of consensus and coalition building. Liberal on many, is not most issues, but viewed by many as moderate to conservative,
Someone who has a strong record on free speech, civil rights, minority issues, working class issues, immingrant issues, abuse of police and other powers. Stands on issues not popular with majority of voters, but important to our democracy.
I would like a candidate who is against the death penalty.
Perhaps a candidate that favors charter schools but more importantly does not cater to the teacher's union. Perhaps even favors vouchers.
A candidate that strongly favors a woman's right to chose and hope's that woman chooses life.
A canddiate well liked and respected by many gay politicians yet favors civil unions over gay marriage and isn't afraid to say so. But, sees the writng on the wall.
A candidate that can make more moderate dems feel comfortable yet not change the status quo as far as gay marriage and abortion goes, yet is very progressive on many issues moderate dems and conservative dems don't follow. Like discriminatory mandatory sentencing,immigrant rights, housing, health care, education opportunities for poor.
If progressives can get over the idea that they work for God, and offer some olive branches to moderate dems we can start to move forward. But until then men like George Bush (with conviction)and Mitt Romney (outsider) will win votes from people who's interest they do not care about.

Posted by: The troll | May 31, 2005 10:15:44 AM

As far as the number of time Capuano can jerk around the electorate, see: Meehan, M. ;)

It think Patrick has that kind of potential you write about. He spoke both forcefully about supporting gay marriage, while also saying in the same speech he will not be put in an ideological box.

He is doing a meet and greet down on Cape Cod this Sunday the 5th at 3PM at the Jailhouse Tavern in Orleans. I'm going to ask him to define that further, I'm curious as to how thought out this idea is.

Posted by: Steven Leibowitz | May 31, 2005 3:24:03 PM

Very weakly linked to Capuano, but... all hell seems to be breaking loose on the Somerville News' weblog. It seems like they've reached critical mass for the city hall people to actually start posting. See the parade thread.

Posted by: Brittain33 | May 31, 2005 3:49:31 PM

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