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June 21, 2005

Herald tells it like it is

Good for the Boston Herald.  The opening line of a news story in today's paper, reporting the vile Westboro Baptist Church's plans to start protesting at soldiers' funerals, describes the so-called "Church" as a "radical midwestern hate group."

Exactly.  And yet, perhaps because most of the bile being spewed by these disgusting people is directed at homosexuals, we haven't often seen media reports of this group using those kinds of words.  More often they are called a "religious group," or a "congregation," or just a "church." 

But they are a hate group.  Just like the Herald said.  It's too bad that it took this group's insane decision to start harassing the grieving families of dead soldiers to bring out the truth about who they really are, but better late than never.  Let's hope that future media reports about these hatemongers follow the Herald's lead.

UPDATE (6/22): The Herald's editorial page also gets it.

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Buncha wingnuts.

If you do see them, don't verbally or physically interact with them. They're like annoying 7 year olds on the bus -- ignore them, and they'll go elsewhere for their jollies.

Posted by: stomv | Jun 21, 2005 11:01:01 AM

Horrible. It's one thing for these guys to peddle their message of hate in a public forum, it's another to do so at a soldier's funeral. I mean, have some respect, people.

What are the chances that Gov. Romney denounces these people? I've doubt he's got the courage to speak out against an anti-gay group lest he be seen as too soft on the issue.

Posted by: sco | Jun 21, 2005 12:47:17 PM

I'd prefer Romney not speak up on the issue. I'd prefer that this group get no mainstream coverage at all.

It'd be one thing if voters were connecting these wingnuts with the GOP; however, they're not. So, why give these hatemongerers the satisfaction of news coverage?

Posted by: stomv | Jun 21, 2005 1:49:04 PM

did you ever see the onion article, "marilyn manson now going door-to-door to shock people"? that's what phelps' group is starting to remind me of. it's like a troll on a website or any other attention-mongering lunatic. ignore them. the best response to phelps et. al. is the sound of crickets.

Posted by: beth | Jun 21, 2005 2:50:15 PM

hey, everyone's a fashion critic, these days, right?


Posted by: dave s | Jun 24, 2005 10:07:16 AM

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