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July 18, 2005

Lehigh (with a little help from my friends)

Whatever he's on, I want some... Scot Lehigh seems really impressed that Mitt's still acting like he's the governor and stuff. Last week's tonguebath of Our Guv included this wisdom (my emphasis):

Although it is stances struck with an obvious eye to national politics that have grabbed public attention, Romney is also pushing thoughtful plans on a number of important state issues.

One is his proposal to expand healthcare by facilitating more affordable basic health insurance and then require individuals to buy coverage, with generous subsidies for those of modest means. Considerable skepticism remains about whether Romney can accomplish that with existing healthcare dollars, as he hopes. Still, healthcare experts credit him with crafting a creative and intriguing proposal, one that could be the basis of legislation.

Wow... like, it could be the basis of legislation! Do governors actually do that kind of stuff? Sure, considerable skepticism exists about the funding... just like the skepticism that exists about me flapping my arms -- thoughtfully, of course -- and getting to Pluto.

Well, I'll show them...

(Yeah, this is a little old, but since .08 and The Little Blog That Cried have commented on it, I felt left out...)

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Hehe, that's OK. There's nothing like complaining about Scot Lehigh. He has his moments, but mostly he's just a Beacon Hill weathervane.

And anyway, I just posted as an excuse to put up the picture of Romney with the stick.

Posted by: sco | Jul 18, 2005 11:44:17 PM

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