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August 25, 2005

Yet another endorsement for Jehlen

Herewith the latest from Cos.  Just for the record, Cos doesn't speak for the rest of Blue Mass. Group on this - as you know, we haven't taken a position as between Jehlen and Mackey, and I know less about Jesse Gordon than I do about quantum mechanics.  -- David

MassForDean co-founder Jesse Gordon, now a candidate for Cambridge City Council, formally endorsed Pat Jehlen in a press release in the Cambridge Chronicle this week. I'm on Jesse Gordon's city council campaign staff, and we've been plugging Pat Jehlen for a while now. Why does this endorsement matter?

It matters because we're an active campaign located right next to the Second Middlesex district. We have an office, a staff, and volunteers, and have been sending groups out canvassing every weekend for a while. Now, we're asking all of our people to join Pat Jehlen's GOTV. All of our staff, and Jesse, will participate on the 30th.

It also matters because Jesse has made himself well known among Massachusetts progressive activists over the past few years, through such things as being IT director for the Robert Reich for Governor campaign, co-founding MassForDean, the Mass Scorecard, and coordinating progressive action at state conventions. Many of these people are on Jesse's email lists, are active, and this will reinforce the message that progressive Democrat ought to volunteer for Pat Jehlen.

Here's our press release that appeared in the Cambridge Chronicle today:

    This week, the Jesse Gordon Campaign wishes to remind Cantabrigians that Pat Jehlen's election for State Senate in the 2nd Middlesex District is this coming Tuesday, August 30. This Senate district includes Somerville and several neighboring counties, but not Cambridge. However, the winner of the 2nd Middlesex election matters in to this city as well. Often, our best means of addressing vital issues such as our tax policies, health care system, and school funding is to work with our State Senators and Representatives. Our campaign has made this point frequently in regard to the property assessment issue. Pat Jehlen is a strong pillar of the progressive community, and she will be a valuable leader in the Statehouse.

    Jesse Gordon and his campaign staff are taking next Tuesday, August 30, off from our campaign to help Pat Jehlen. We encourage other Cambridge progressives to do the same.

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Good luck coz, but i see your endorsement as more of preaching to the choir from the same ole, same ole. Show me some surprise endorsemnts for Jehlen, from some moderates. Just one moderate.
That is one reason why i see her losing this election.
But then, I don't know the district. Right?

Posted by: The troll | Aug 26, 2005 9:41:28 AM

An endorsement from Jesse Gordon - now that's the kiss of death. Welcome to the State Senate Joe Mackey.

Posted by: Andy | Aug 27, 2005 11:15:57 PM

Morning after--
I guess we missed the kiss of death, huh? Good news for both Jesse and Pat ;-)

Posted by: Will | Aug 31, 2005 8:16:53 AM

Troll: right :)

Posted by: Cos | Aug 31, 2005 12:41:29 PM

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