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September 27, 2005

Second Middlesex and Boston City Council elections are TODAY!

If you live in Boston, Somerville, Medford, Winchester, or Woburn (ward 2 only), be sure to stop by your polling place today.  Preliminary elections for Boston City Council, and the final election for the Second Middlesex Senate seat (Democrat Pat Jehlen vs. Republican Bill White), are happening right now.  Cos reports below on one of the contested Boston City Council elections. 

Please treat this post as an open thread on today's elections.  Seeing anything interesting out in the field?  Drop it in the comments!  --David

Since Boston City Council races are nonpartisan, there are no party primaries, but any race that has more than twice as many candidates as offices holds a preliminary today to narrow the field.

Boston has nine council districts, which each elect one councilor, plus four at-large councilors elected by the entire city. There are fifteen candidates on the ballot for the four at-large seats, so today's citywide preliminary will pick the eight who will be on the ballot in November. In most of the city, that's the only race on today's ballot.

The at-large race is getting all the attention. In one district, however, there are more than two candidates running for district councilor: the 9th, comprising Allston-Brighton. There are three candidates, and voters will choose two to advance to November 8th. One of those three is Dan Kontoff, popularly known to locals as "Dan the Bagel Man".

The incumbent is Jim McDermott, now finishing his first full term. In 2003, he was a new incumbent, having been elected in a special election mid-term. His opponent was the same Dan Kontoff, who garnered 17% of the vote in his first run for office. Since then, Dan also put his name forward as the Green-Rainbow candidate for state rep in the 18th Suffolk Special Election, which Michael Moran, the Democrat, won handily. This will be his third run for office.

The twist this time is another new candidate, Paul Creighton, is challenging McDermott. McDermott tried to get Creighton thrown off the ballot and avoid a preliminary, but it didn't happen. McDermott will probably have no trouble advancing to the November ballot, but if Kontoff gives Creighton a serious challenge for the second slot, it will be noteworthy. And if the Bagel Man surprises everyone by actually getting the second slot, it could be the big story of today's election.

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No surprise win for the bagel man. Boston city council results are here.

Posted by: David | Sep 27, 2005 11:45:10 PM

Indeed not. 244 votes is probably more than he was expected to get, but not enough more to be a really noteworthy surprise.

The big story for many of us out of today's election in Boston is how well the two progressive candidates for at-large seats did. Incumbent Felix Arroyo got second, just behind city council president Flaherty. Arroyo clearly has strong, broad support and will probably solidify his incumbency. Newcomer Sam Yoon came in fifth, a surprisingly strong finish that puts him in a very good spot to compete for the newly open seat on the council. It looks to be a very competitive and exciting race for November 8th.

Posted by: Cos | Sep 28, 2005 12:08:39 AM

Central office staff and Staff Director are appointees at the Boston City Council. A prevailing bad attitude among city council central office staff makes for terrible responses to people contacting the council. New council central office staff are needed who will not perpetuate the abuses. Especially needed is a new council staff director.

Posted by: don warner saklad | Sep 28, 2005 2:15:04 AM

In the November 8, 2005 election are there
any ballot issue's to be vote on or just the
city council at large and mayor position ?

Posted by: JOSEPH E MCGEE | Oct 1, 2005 11:04:25 PM

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