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September 01, 2005

Open thread: upcoming elections, etc.

Some issues getting buried at the bottom of threads...

  1. Intriguing candidates for State Rep (Christopher Schiavone?)
  2. Jehlen's replacement?
  3. Jarrett Barrios's replacement for SEN? (He's running for Middlesex DA.) Alice Wolf?
  4. Medford voting breakdown by precinct from Jonathan

And of course, New Orleans. From our comments, Abby writes:

Do you mind if I plug another charity? Episcopal Relief and Development does good work.

Also, there is a political point which the Democrats are too polite to make, that the Army Corps of engineers was vastky underfunded and that the relief effort has been hampered by the fact that so many National Guard members are in Iraq.

For more information on the failure to prepare for an anticipated disater se this article from the Times Picayune.

Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen?

Have at it...

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Let's not forget the general election for the 2nd Middlesex Senate seat, between Democrat Pat Jehlen and Republican Bill White.

It will be Tuesday, September 27th -- but do voters know that? At least four people I've encountered did not, thinking it would be in November:-

- Joe Mackey, in his speech at Pat's victory party two nights ago
- the announcer on WBZ radio Wednesday morning
- Frederick Clarkson, in his blog (which he has since corrected)
- a neighbor in my apartment building

Pat's got some more getting-out-the-vote to do.

Posted by: Ron Newman | Sep 1, 2005 1:29:09 PM

I just read that Globe story you linked written by Christopher Schiavone.
I don't know, but that seems to be a lot of baggage that he is trying to work out.
Hopefully, I am wrong

Posted by: Charlestowngayguy | Sep 1, 2005 1:30:33 PM

I am told that christopher is running for state representative in Charlestown against Flaherty and MassEquity is lining up support for him. Does this make sense?

Posted by: charlestowngayguy | Sep 1, 2005 8:55:06 PM

Abby is right on about Episcopal Relief and Development er-d.com

Posted by: Margie Ware | Sep 1, 2005 9:46:42 PM

CTGG: yeah, that would make sense. Rep. Eugene O'Flaherty has supported the compromise "barriage" amendment, so MassEquality might have an interest in challenging him.

Posted by: Charley on the MTA | Sep 1, 2005 10:36:01 PM

I'll keep my ears open,talk to both my toony and townie friends and see what I learn. This is fun, I will be BMG Charlestown correspondent. Watch out Woodward and Bernstein.

Posted by: charlestowngayguy | Sep 2, 2005 6:39:26 AM

Does anyone have a URL for a map of the Medford Wards and Precincts to look at alongside the voting list? If so, please post. I found one but it didn't have the breakdowns as in the voting document. Thanks.

Posted by: mtnbkr | Sep 2, 2005 1:43:28 PM

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