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October 02, 2005

MCAS results in EZ-to-search form

The Herald has helpfully provided a page where you can view the 2005 MCAS results statewide, by district, or by individual school.

More than a quarter of all Massachusetts eighth graders failed math and science, and the numbers for math and science are generally lousy for all grades.  Eek.  Doesn't bode well for our future competitiveness.

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It's not all that easy to search -- a bit bulky and whatnot.

I'd like to make a shoutout to a school in which I've tutored Chemestry -- The MATCH School, or The Media and Technology Charter High School for long. It's a public charter school located on Comm Ave. It's public because admission is by lottery, not by selection. 88% are black or hispanic. 80% live in poverty. Most arrive below grade level.

Yet they graduate and go to college. ALL of them. 100% from the first two graduating colleges (04 and 05).

Their MCAS scores:

Needs Imp._____0______7

That's a total failure rate of 5%=(7+3)/2. That's freaking amazing. That's a failure rate just above Newton's 3.5% and a failure+needsimprovement score BETTER than Newton.

I'm liberal, and I'm concerned about charter schools sucking the financing and the well behaved, capable kids away from public schools. Yet I support MATCH. How to reconcile? The same way the GOP reconciles civil services -- just asks that the private sector pay for them. MATCH has done and continues to do great fundraising, and I hope that they continue their success in the future.

Posted by: stomv | Oct 3, 2005 7:32:03 AM

stomv - I'm a parent of a well behaved capable kid who was sucked away from our public school. :-) We're new this year to a charter school in Fitchburg called NCCES So far it's been an incredible experience.

I also liberal, and I think it's absolutely vital that our public schools offer a quality education for all Mass kids. However, having said that, in the real world, my public school could not give my son the educational opportunities that we felt would ensure that he could develop to his potential, so that's why we went charter.

Posted by: Mariposa | Oct 3, 2005 5:12:29 PM

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