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November 18, 2005

Heavy navel-gazing on the blogiversary

So, we've been doing this for a year. I thought I'd share some personal thoughts...

Early on in 2004, David and I started sending emails back and forth about doing a musical fundraiser for John Kerry. Like many folks, we had been shocked by the incompetence and callousness of the Bush administration. We were really sick of hearing bad news come out of our radios every damn morning like poison gas. And like many folks, we tried to do something about it. We had a great concert --  we called it "National Anthem", everyone played and sang their guts out, and indeed, we all belted out the Star-Spangled Banner at the end. We also raised some money. It was a pretty powerful experience.

Between the Red Sox' championship run and the presidential race, I think I had the feeling of being kicked in the gut the entire fall. And as great as the first championship in 86 years was, Kerry's defeat completely destroyed any joy I might have felt for that.

David and I talked about a week later. It was his feeling, and mine, that too much effort had been expended not to keep something going. He wanted to start a blog. I'd been writing comments on blogs for a while, and I'd vaguely considered doing one, but I figured this would be even better. And it would be a way to keep the community that we'd found through the fundraiser together.

Blogging is kind of like a message in a bottle: You just throw it in and hope for the best, but you can't really expect anyone to notice. But you do what you can. It really does make one feel less powerless when someone does notice. I've been pleasantly surprised -- shocked -- to see the great comments, and to hear who reads it.

So, to everyone who's posted comments here, or started their own blog, or linked to us, or just reads: Thanks. A lot. And maybe we'll see you on December 10th.

Anyway, if you weren't paying attention (and who was?), here are our first few posts (scroll to bottom) from last year. It's the blog equivalent of fumbling through "Stairway to Heaven" in the guitar shop...  

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Yeeha! Congrats, folks. And, glad to see that the LeftyBlogs BlogWire has become a popular feature here. It's generating lots of traffic - MA blogs are often in the Top 25 list of posts.

Posted by: Kari Chisholm | Nov 18, 2005 6:06:15 PM

Kari, the LeftyBlog site is terrific. Love love love the feed, and it's nice to see new blogs popping up. Well done, and thanks.

Posted by: Charley on the MTA | Nov 18, 2005 6:55:04 PM

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