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November 18, 2005

Happy Birthday!

1_year_1As Bob said earlier this morning, today is Blue Mass. Group's first birthday.  Frankly, a year ago I had no idea whether the three of us were cut out to be bloggers - would we be able to post often enough?  Would we think of anything to say?  Would anyone want to read it?

After a year of blogging, here are some numerical responses to those questions:

  • 916 posts
  • over 125,000 unique visitors
  • over 215,000 page views

Our daily traffic continues to fluctuate fairly dramatically - from a low of 9 visitors one cold Sunday last December to a high of almost 4,000 visitors about two weeks ago.  Over the last couple of months, we have averaged 500 to 800 visitors a day.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of our blogging adventure has been getting to know the extraordinary community of fellow bloggers and blog readers that share a vision of what our Commonwealth and our country can and should be, and that see the internet as an important tool in getting us there.  Never before in human history have so many people been able to communicate with each other, share information and ideas, and organize, so quickly and easily.  The potential of the internet to change politics hasn't yet been fully realized.  But we're getting there.

I've said this before, and I'm sure I'll say it again: THANK YOU to every one of you who visits this site.  Without you, this blog is wasted electrons.  It has been a great year, and we are looking forward to exciting things in the years to come!

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Congrats guys! Your great analysis and blogging inspired me to start my own blog and I can only hope to be one quarter as successful as this great site! I look forward to another great year of your insights and analysis. There will probably be a lot to cover too in the next year.

Posted by: Andy | Nov 18, 2005 10:57:51 AM

It doesn't get any better than this when it comes to Massachusetts blogs. Congrats all, and looking forward to a great Year #2.

Posted by: Ben | Nov 18, 2005 11:02:58 AM

You guys are, in the words of Arnold S., "fantastic!" Congratulations and thanks for making such a smart, well written and researched, and provocative contribution to political life in Massachusetts. Reading you guys every day is now essential.

Posted by: John McDonough | Nov 18, 2005 11:46:09 AM

Happy Blog-birthday to you all. Over the last year of excellent work BMG has really proven itself to be the magnetic center of the Massachusetts bloggy-sphere. Yay for BMG!

Posted by: Mariposa | Nov 18, 2005 11:48:31 AM

congratulations! your time and efforts and perspectives continue to provide an important, tangible public benefit. keep up the good work! we are all the better for it.

Posted by: | Nov 18, 2005 1:27:16 PM

When I first moved here in August, yours was one of the first Mass blogs I read. It's ALWAYS a good read.

Congrats on making it this far - and best wishes for many more such occasions.


Posted by: Wes F. in North Adams | Nov 18, 2005 1:41:22 PM

Mazel Tov. And Many More.

Posted by: Qane | Nov 18, 2005 2:06:17 PM

I'll second Andy in saying this blog inspired me to start one of my own. You guys are great - and central to the blogosphere here in MA - so let's hope for many more years where this came from!

Posted by: Lynne | Nov 18, 2005 2:59:49 PM

congrats, and terrific job guys! if only every outlet could/would bring the kind of intelligent and open analysis of the real issues the way that you do, the world would be a lot better and wiser place. keep giving 'em hell!

Posted by: fair deal | Nov 18, 2005 3:38:00 PM

Congrats and keep it going!!..or should i say "keep it coming!" wish i had more time to read all the posts, and comments too, but i have a 10 month-old hanging on my knee as i type, and a 5 year-old getting hungry for dinner...

we WILL make the world a better, more civilized, humane and caring place, for them--and for all of us "former children" too. your contributions thru BMG are part of this work. thank you.

Posted by: Ann | Nov 19, 2005 5:37:54 PM

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