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November 18, 2005

One Year for America and BMG

Vets_da_on_04aA full 12 months have passed since David approached Charley and me with the idea for Blue Mass Group. Hurray for the thousands of activists that have united around this site to work for progressive change in Massachusetts and an end to regressive Republicanism.

Our anniversary also marks the first year of America Supports You, the Department of Defense organization that spotlights what Americans are doing in support of the military. Count us #1 on that list:

  • We oppose our incompetent President who misread intelligence, announced "Mission Accomplished" in 2003, then left our soldiers to scrounge for armor in garbage dumps with no plan to get them home;
  • We oppose our shortsighted Governor who spews hate to national audiences as he grooms himself for a White House run but has let Massachusetts, home to many veterans, slip to next to last in jobs creation;
  • We approve plans to extend health coverage to the uninsured, including the families of many servicepeople, without a significant tax increase. If Governor Dean could do it years ago in Vermont, why can't Massachusetts do it now; and, among other things,
  • We urge support for the ancient and honorable institution of marriage, bedrock of families and communities, by allowing everyone who chooses, including all of our service men and women, enjoy this blessing.

Let freedom ring.

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Happy First Birthday BMG! You guys do great work, and I hope there are many more birthdays to come!

Posted by: sco | Nov 18, 2005 10:27:53 AM

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