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November 23, 2005

Phoenix profiles O'Flaherty and Schiavone

Adam Reilly (who else?) writes up an interesting piece on this very interesting race that pits Christopher Schiavone, a gay ex-priest, against incumbent Rep. Eugene O'Flaherty (D-Chelsea), a non-gay F-bomb-tossing Irishman (part of his childhood was spent on the Emerald Isle).  And remember: if you read what the alert commenters at Blue Mass. Group like CharlestownGayGuy have to say, you knew this race was coming at the end of August!

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I am upset Adam Reilly did not portray O'Flaherty in a harsher light. Is he changing teams? He should have told the readers what a homophobe hater O'Flaherty is. The focus groups chris did indicated this,i think. Chris is a great candidate and knows very well how to use the media to get his message out. With all the trouble that Gene-O gets himself in I know people will see reality next september and put chris in the state house.
And I doubt that gene-o is as great an orator as Adam reported.

Posted by: CharlestownGay Guy | Nov 25, 2005 2:30:39 PM

Spumoni will run and he will lose; after much effort, he'll discover that most people don't like his talk & walk, that'll be disconcerting to his ego because I'm sure he considers himself a nouveau intelligentsia type, but he deserves a good electoral defeat and then he can return to his business after having neglected it and riun it into the ground. Heh Heh, what a loser!

Posted by: John Galway | Nov 26, 2005 10:17:20 PM

John,why so mean?
see what I mean about O'Flaherty and his type of people.
When the people of Charlestown and Chelsea find out how little Gene has done for the district they will toss him out.
When they find out how out of synch he is with the state democratic party they will not vote for him in the primary.
Chris is gonna be on the offensive pointing out Gene-O's short comings.
We in Charlestown have suffered because Gene spendfs his time on social issues. What about the people who elected you Gene?
Gene-O is running scared. Trust me.

Posted by: CharleTownGayGuy | Nov 28, 2005 9:07:16 AM

Dear Charlestowngayguy:

Spumoni as a freshman rep is powerless and won't be able to deliver a newspaper to the district. Just look at his reasoning for running and it's because he's great and has a phd from georgetown. Spumoni has left the priesthood disgraced for having sex with a seminarian, he abused his position and broke his trust. He has no character and is weak, morally and spiritually. Wake up, man, this is just a feeble attempt to aggravate O'F so he can't focus on other matters and has to destroy the fly buzzing around his head. Spumoni is creepy, likes to hear himself talk, is egotistical and will attract other creeps to his loser electoral bid. But this will be interesting, especially when Spumoni loses, and loses bad, and he realizes that the people don't care to stop and listen to him. Oh and then there are the people who will encourage him only to vote against him in the booth. Ha Ha, good luck to the fake Spumoni, mental hospital admitee and failed priest.

Posted by: John Galway | Nov 29, 2005 7:56:01 AM

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