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December 01, 2005

Wall Street Journal to MA: Freeze to death

So, the wise men of the Wall Street Journal editorial page (who, wags have said, don't read the actual fine reporting of that paper) have upbraided Rep. William Delahunt and Joe Kennedy for the Venezuela-MA oil deal:

"Mr. Delahunt's lobbying for the dictator undermines any official U.S. pressure on Mr. Chavez to behave more humanely, which is precisely why Mr. Chavez is returning the favor by plying Mr. Delahunt with cheap oil," the Journal asserted. "Leave it to the congressman ... and a Kennedy to close the deal."

Well, when the Senate of your own country leaves you to freeze, you just don't have many options.

Let's be clear: The WSJ guys care more about saving face for the (their) administration than people in MA having heat this winter. Nice priorities.

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